Event Planning & Marketing Services

At Showcraft, you get a team full of project managers, designers, marketers, and product engineers, committed to helping you showcase what's remarkable. Whether you are looking for trade show services, exhibit design, event marketing strategy, or storage solutions, we are ready to help you.

Trade Shows and Industry Events

Showcraft will partner with you to design and build an innovative exhibit that incorporates new custom-fabricated elements with your existing properties and our growing selection of creative rental options.

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Corporate Event Services

Whether you are planning an event or you need a branded experience for a product launch or retail environment, our team of designers and marketers have the experience and strategic insight you need. From planning to event coordination and venue logistics, we will take the load off your shoulders.

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Support Services

No matter what type of event, show, or marketing effort you are doing, Showcraft has a variety of options to boost your return-on-investment and increase visibility, and lead conversions.

Digital Event Marketing

Are you getting the kind of return on your trade show and event marketing program you’re looking for? Are you getting the traffic you want? Do you have a solid plan in place to ensure all of your leads are followed up in a timely manner? If you answered no to any of those questions, rest assured, Showcraft can help!

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Branded Merchandise Program

We offer a full service branded merchandise fulfillment program. Everything from creating, procurement, kitting, and distribution to accent your digital marketing efforts with physical sales tools.

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Asset Management

With an inventory of assets and a multiple show agenda, we help track and coordinate shipping and logistics from show to show. We also check in and inspect your booth properties to make sure they are in good working order before they go to your next event.

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Video Content Production

With the shift from static to dynamic graphics, our clients need stunning visual content to display in their exhibits and highlight their brand and initiatives. We work with you to create maximum visual impact through engaging video loops and other graphic solutions.

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“…The creativity the Showcraft team has exhibited is far superior to what I’ve experienced with other vendors…!”

– Communities and Events Manager

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