Showcraft Wins beMatrix Company Sustainability Award
By Adam Rao on 11/01/2022


Showcraft Wins beMatrix Company Sustainability Award

beMatrix has awarded Showcraft their Company Sustainability Award in the Best of beMatrix Awards! We're excited to win this honor from one of our most important partners in the trade show industry.

We see business as a force for good, and beMatrix sharing our commitment to environmental sustainability isn't just a coincidence — the durable, reusable beMatrix aluminum frames are what inspired our leadership team to turn Showcraft into a leading impact company in the event space.

How We Started Making Impact

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 9.24.36 AMOver the course of the summer of 2021, two Minnesota social entrepreneurs were in search of a company to buy that would let them make an impact. My business partner, Silas Morgan, and I were thrilled when we finally found Showcraft, an established trade show company with 25 years of history.

But one aspect of the business stood out: the use of beMatrix's sustainable products would allow us to reimagine how Showcraft did business. We saw an opportunity to transform the trade show space away from Build and Burn practices to a model of environmental sustainability, built on the cornerstone of beMatrix products already in use in the production house.

Silas and I acquired Showcraft and structured it as a public benefit corporation in the fall of 2021, and began transforming the company to put impact first. Being recognized by beMatrix for our ecologically-friendly business practices and our efforts to promote a positive environmental impact means the world to us as we continue that transformation.

See the Best of beMatrix 2022 Awards Announcement replay here, or reach out to our team to start transforming how your company conducts eco-friendly business events.

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How beMatrix Anchors Sustainability

Showcraft's award winning ecologically-friendly business practices

Keeping beMatrix at the center of our designs allows our partners to have custom exhibits for each show while using rental pieces that don’t take up materials and storage space waiting for that company’s next show. There’s no comparison in the shipping and labor difference between beMatrix and aluminum frames, and the versatility of beMatrix products allows our designers maximum creativity in executing a partner’s needs.

beMatrix says, "While most aluminum products can claim to be sustainable, the fact that beMatrix is comprised of aluminum frames that are re-used in their original format makes beMatrix® truly sustainable." Their products give our production team an inventory that is durable, can be used over and over, and is 100% recyclable.

How We're Pushing Further

We're elated to be recognized by beMatrix with their Company Sustainability Award, but the work doesn't stop there. We push every day to become a leading impact company in our Twin Cities community and the trade show industry.

Because beMatrix was already in place as a huge cornerstone of the business and our sustainability plan, our team has been freed up to evaluate sourcing, labor, and even what clients we choose to work with. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is charging forward, built on a beMatrix foundation.

And in addition to exploring ways to build on our sustainability practices, Showcraft has been inspired to pursue other impact initiatives through workforce development, community engagement, and excellence in empowering human connection through event services for world-changing companies. We’re grateful to have a partner in beMatrix who shares our vision for a sustainable events industry.

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