Our Core Values

What does your company stand for?

Every company has core values, whether they talk about them or not. We wear ours on our sleeves because they're vital to becoming the company we want to be, and finding the partner companies we want to work with.

These values and our Three Uniques are part of the DNA that defines who we are as a company and how we operate. Our values are the foundation upon which we strive to become the leading events partner for world-changing companies.

Are we a match for what matters to your team?

Business as a force for good

The trade show and events industry produces literally tons of waste. We are committed to social responsibility and environmental sustainability, and love working with world-changing companies like yours that feel the same way. 

Pride and joy in our work

You deserve nothing less than the best. As craftspeople, we don’t stop working until everything—no matter how small or big—is as good as it can be.

Better than yesterday

No matter how good we are today, we want to be better tomorrow. Constant improvement is the name of the events game for us. 

Bigger than us

Our work is too important; egos don’t matter. We put all the noise aside, ask “What do you need right now?” and go to work to get the important things done.

More than a number

No matter the size of a project, the relationship comes first. We care about the people we work with, and the people who work for us. We're all humans first.

More than a job

We set the bar high at Showcraft, because our work really matters. We ask a lot of our team so we can deliver the best results for our partners.

Our Three Uniques

We Know Shows - Showcraft Three Uniques

We Know Shows

With 26+ years of providing service and craftsmanship for companies of all sizes in multiple industries, we bring empathy and experience to everything we do.

Batteries Included - Showcraft Three Uniques

Batteries Included

End-to-end, we focus on all the details so you don’t have to. We specialize in all-in, hands-on management of your event.

More Than Your Vendor - Showcraft Three Uniques

More Than Your Vendor

As a social impact company who makes partner success priority one, our team gets to know your brand and believes in your business.

Are We a Fit for Your Values?

We're looking for companies who care about the impact their work has on their communities and the world at large. If that sounds like you, let's talk about how Showcraft's value-driven approach can help you change the world.

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