Turnkey event managment

Showcraft current provides some support for our customer’s events.  We want to more aggressively market our event services.   This document outlines a broad scope of services that are ‘event’ related.   We need to decide what our service offerings will be, how we will deliver the services and how we plan on pricing, packaging and marketing the services.

What is an event?

  • Small art of a larger event (a tradeshow exhibit or pop-up at the SuperBowl)
  • Small meeting (50 person sales presentation or 12 person private dinner), associated with, or independent of a larger event.
  • Large multi-day event (eg. Crosstalk, FileMaker DEVCON). In addition to our client and their customers and/or employees, this could include sponsors/exhibitors.


Several Categories of services that we could provide.

Planning and creative

• Goal setting – Who are the participants? What are the goals? How will success be measured?
• Creative Concepting – Creating an effective event and a memorable experience.
• Budget development – Allocating the available funds in all the buckets so that the event goals can be met within budget.
• Deadlines/Timelines – creating and managing a roadmap
• Branding of the event. Design of print and digital signage, wayfinding and collateral material. Development of a ‘theme’. Copywriting.
• Site selection
• Associated events/activities. Entertainment and team-building. (Parties, speakers, entertainers, games, tours, prof sports, golf outings, etc.)
• Logistics planning (coordination of vendors, flow of guest arrivals and departures, valet, parking, security.)
• Maps/Floor Plans.
• Session planning and scheduling
• Décor Design/Management – concepts, acquisition and rental: linens, floral, props, tents, chairs, tables.
• Custom smartphone app and/or website development
• Permitting
• Insurance
• Sponsor development and management
• Marketing and PR, advertising and local media

Logistics and Administration

• General management – making sure all the pieces come together. Assuring all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and vendors are happy.
• Budget administration – making sure that the budget doesn’t balloon.
• Contact management (manage database of all vendors, talent, committee, staff, etc.)
• Facility Liaison – dealing with all the questions and paperwork related to event. Making sure the facilities are prepared and are following through.
• Staffing – on-site and remote events. Procuring and supervising staff for registration and guest services (assistance/questions.) Staff for dealing with vendor questions and problems.
• Volunteer management
• Auditing bills, managing payable.

Vendor selection and management

The selection, scheduling, supervision, coordination, installation, dismantling, delivery of the following products and services:
• Collateral management – Sourcing print materials and making sure they are in the right place at the right time.
• Signage – sourcing, delivering and installation of print and digital, way finding, branding
• Food, beverage, catering. Planning and management before and during event.
• Talent booking and management – entertainers, speakers
• Creative and technical production – lighting, sound, staging, video
• IT/internet at venues. Video conferencing, live streaming.
• Swag, gifts, staff uniforms/tees
• Awards/plaques/trophys
• Ground transportation (buses, limos, parking for off-site events, remote venues and airport)
• Security
• Trash, cleanup, portable toilets.
• Photographers and videographers

Attendee registration/communication

• Pre-event on-line (and/or phone) registration
• Regular communication/confirmation with attendees
• On-site registration equipment and staff

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