Our leadership team believes that, at its best, business is a force for good. We don't just clock in and clock out each day. We're focused on how to leave our community, our industry, and our world better than we found it.

Here's how we do it.

Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota

Environmental Sustainability

The trade show industry generates 600,000 tons of trash each year, and is the second largest producer of waste (after construction).

At Showcraft, it is our responsibility to help end the "Build and Burn" practices that have contributed to that mountain of waste. We specialize in exhibits built custom for each event with our rental inventory, allowing companies the most flexibility while not adding to the landfills.

On top of using the most sustainable materials, we are constantly pushing ourselves to find the most environmentally sustainable trade show and event practices to make human connection safe for generations to come.

Showcraft Wins beMatrix Company Sustainability Award »

Workforce Development

When it comes to opening doors for someone, little can help more than excellent job experience. Getting forklift certified or training in the crafts we practice can swing doors in the job market wide open for people with prison records or other obstacles.

By offering jobs, wages, and training, we can lift people up within the normal rhythm of our work. We have an opportunity to open so many doors in the work we do.

And if we have the opportunity to do good, we have an obligation to see it done.

Forklift in production warehouse
World-Changing Partnerships at Showcraft | Cytonn Photography

World-Changing Partnerships

We know that trade shows, conferences, corporate retreats, and other face-to-face business events make a difference for an organization.

That means we strive to work with companies that share our core values. We want to partner with companies at the forefront of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

That's how we take our impact to the next level.

Local Community Engagement

We love being a Minnesota company, and Burnsville has been Showcraft's home for more than 25 years. It's important that we help lift up our community at home, in addition to making an impact in our industry.

Showcraft belongs to the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce and our CEO sits on the Mayor CEO forum.

Showcraft Proud Member of Burnsville Chamber of Commerce


We Work Hard, Because What We Do Matters

When you believe business is a force for good, you take every day seriously. Each member of our team knows this is more than a job.

But we can't be the leading events partner for world-changing companies without finding businesses that share our vision. If you need professional event services from a company that knows how vital human connection is, let's get started!