A COVID-19 Playbook for Safe In-Person Events

While most events are currently virtual, the time will come when, hopefully in the not-to-distant future, we will gather in person again. Now is the time to think through what this will look like and how you will host successful events while addressing safety protocol in a post-COVID-19 world.

Create a safe space for your attendees.

You can do this in several ways:

Communicate safety protocol prior to the event.
This includes communicating with venue staff about their sanitation procedures and making sure they take proper COVID-19 measures. It also includes communicating with attendees in advance about what safety measures they can expect at your event. Taking temperatures at the door, offering multiple sanitization stations throughout the venue and demarcating 6’ spacing in restroom and food lines, etc, are all effective ways to protect guests and put their minds at ease.

Require face masks.
Not all states require face masks and people will likely come to your event from multiple states. For safety and simplicity, implement this rule across the board. It communicates to attendees that you’re prioritizing their safety and keeps the look and feel of your event consistent. It’s also a great opportunity to advertise your brand!

Avoid food and beverage contamination.
One great way to do this is by offering prepackaged food and beverages as opposed to buffet-style food and dispensable beverages. Servers should wear masks and gloves at all times. Also, stagger meal times to minimize large crowds.

Encourage people to commute solo to your event.
This will help reduce virus transmission that could occur with multiple people in one vehicle or on public transportation. Also incorporate signage and helpful attendants that people will see as they arrive at the event, detailing traffic flow and entrance procedures.

Implement social distancing protocol in small spaces.
One space where this is helpful is in restrooms. Create signage that regulates restroom capacity and include 6’ spacing markers on the floor. Then make sure maintenance staff clean and sanitize restrooms at regular intervals throughout the day and keep soap and sanitizer dispensers fully supplied. Another space to implement social distancing protocol is in elevators. Put up signage that specifics elevator capacity and include elevator attendants to help facilitate traffic flow.

Set up your room to allow for social distancing.
Include signage with social distancing protocol so attendees know how to navigate the room. Space out chairs and tables to allow for social distancing and detail traffic flow with floor arrows and signage. Set up sneeze guards where necessary.

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