4 Current Trends in Video Content

By now, it’s almost cliché to say that COVID-19 has changed everything. But the way we live and the way we do business isn’t the same. What’s more, COVID-19 has shifted the way we consume content. In fact, 80% of consumers report that they are consuming more digital content now than before the pandemic. It should be no surprise then that, over the past six months, the consumption of video content has grown dramatically. Here are four current trends in video content:

Trend #1: Training videos

Because ⅔ of U.S. employees are now working part or full-time from home, training new hires and training seasoned employees is happening largely online. While the technology has been in place for a while, companies are realizing the cost and time-savings that video training offers. Two primary methods of video training include screencasting (screen-sharing) and interactive video content with questions trainees can answer.

Trend #2: Personalized videos

Segmented marketing, or marketing that addresses consumers’ unique interests and needs, is an effective marketing strategy because it feels personal and relevant. In much the same way, Vidyard and Data Creative are two platforms that allow video creators to create personalized video content and distribute it via email to individual recipients.

Trend #3: Long-form video

The goal with content should always be to provide value. Long-form video is an excellent avenue for this goal. Whether you leverage it to communicate thought leadership from an industry leader or video footage that takes consumers behind the scenes of your operations, long-form video can help build a bridge between your audience and your brand. Video has a unique way of capturing emotion and helping establish trust in a format that 55% of people engage with daily.

Trend #4: Video captioning

If you create video content for your audience but don’t include video captioning, you’re not maximizing your investment. In fact, according to Forbes.com, 85% of videos are viewed without sound and 80% of consumers are more likely to watch a video in its entirety if they have access to captions. Pay attention to current trends across all your marketing endeavors to pack a bigger punch. Provide value in your video marketing by incorporating this simple feature.

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