A 25th Anniversary Interview with Showcraft President Jeryl Beaulieu

This year Showcraft is celebrating 25 years in business! A quarter of a century.

Just wow.

In honor of this milestone, we thought it would be fun to share some highlights with you.

Recently, I sat down with Tracey, our Exhibit and Marketing Manager, to answer some questions that cover a variety of topics and span the past two and a half decades of the Showcraft experience.




Good Morning, Jeryl! I can’t believe we’re celebrating 25 years of Showcraft this year! I’d love to ask you some questions and give our readers a glimpse at what you’ve learned over the years. Does that work for you?

That works for me! Thanks Tracey!

Great! Let’s get started.

Q. What was the most daunting job Showcraft landed over the past 25 years that you weren’t sure we could pull off?
A. Honestly, because we work together as a team to pitch deals, we execute “Showcraft Superior” on all the jobs we tackle. If we don’t think we can deliver on that promise, we don’t pitch it.

Q. Over the years, what’s the biggest surprise you’ve encountered?
A. After two and a half decades, our team still blows me away every day. The National Retail Federation (NRF) show in New York City is a massive undertaking. We always pull it off without any noticeable hitches. I credit this to our professional chutzpah! Go Team Showcraft!

Q. In what ways has your time at Showcraft changed and grown you?
A. I haven’t changed all that much….at least professionally! I have always had an open-door, hands-off management style and it’s proved to be effective!

Q. The past 16 months have been challenging for all businesses. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned during COVID-19?
A. I think that, more than anything, I’ve spent time reflecting on obstacles we’ve overcome. We survived 9/11 and the recession of 2008-2010. We’ve walked through these times with our eyes and ears open, operating one day at a time and never entertaining the option of failure. We’ve remained flexible and committed to success.

Q. Why do you think we were able to weather this recent storm so well?
A. Showcraftians are tough and resilient. We never quit. We never give up. The way we operate almost reminds me of the Serenity Prayer: One day at a time, one moment at a time...We’ve also gained the perspective that no storm lasts forever. We just thought the pandemic “storm” would be shorter!

Q. How have the past 16 months changed you?
A. Besides shortening up the time between hair coloring...it has reminded me to be grateful and to share that gratitude with all my peeps. We are blessed beyond words and we hold each other up!

Q. What is one of your proudest moments or greatest accomplishments individually or as a team?
A. When we moved into our new facility in 2017, I remember thinking how every team member made a unique contribution to the look, feel and essence of it all. Then, at our Grand Opening in 2018, I cried when speaking to our guests. I’ve never felt such pride and gratitude. I’m usually much more composed in front of a crowd but I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Q. As we prepare to celebrate our 25th anniversary, what message do you want to share with our customers, Showcraft employees and our community?
A. Showcraft has a successful, enviable human story. We bear the reflection of our customers, employees and our community. We are talented, compassionate and committed to the highest industry standards. We operate with integrity in all aspects of our business.

Q. Where do you see Showcraft 25 years down the road?
A. Three things come to mind: Bigger, Better and a Shining Beacon of Cool!

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