Thinking Outside the Box: Off-Site Meetings & Private Events

Are you looking for new ways to stand out when it comes to engaging trade show participants?

If so, you will love our ideas.

Often exhibitors and trade show participants don’t have much time to explore all the local interesting sites and tourist attractions when attending a trade show. Why not mix business with pleasure by hosting your off-site meetings and private events at a unique venue versus the convention center or place you’re exhibiting? It combines the best of both worlds because you, your team, and the trade show participants get the opportunity to see some sites and attractions the host city has to offer versus being confined to the hotel and/or conference center.

Here are a few unique venues and ideas to consider when hosting off-site meetings or private events:

Music Venues Can Make Your Meetings Sing

Space…check. Acoustics…check. Correct audiovisual equipment for presentations and displays…check. Food and drink…most likely check. Music venues are pretty much already set up for meetings and events. They are also a hub of cultural activity and offer a lot in the way of visual appeal. If you choose a historic music venue, you get double points for being touristy.

Museums, Zoos, Science Centers…Oh, my

Believe it or not, museums, zoos, and science centers often can be rented for events. Besides being able to host meetings of all sizes, they are attractions in and of themselves. Plus, they offer activities that you can capitalize on. If you check the exhibits available, temporary or permanent, you might be able to connect the purpose of your event with one of the exhibits. If not, it’s still fun to see everything else on display. Maybe you can add a scavenger hunt that encourages attendees to really explore the venue.

Make the Event Historic

For all the history buffs out there, landmarks and heritage sites are one of the main reasons to visit a city. Give your guests a little dose of the history of the city, i.e. touring historic buildings and sites. It is a perfect way to combine business with tourism; and if you want, you can capitalize on the idea by including a photo booth with period props.

No Need to Whisper

Libraries are another venue usually equipped with everything you need for an event or meeting. They often have rooms where they hold classes, which are all set with audiovisual equipment. Their atmosphere basically screams that you’re here to learn. Look for some architecturally interesting libraries to really wow your guests.

Let Them See the Sun

Sports complexes or outdoor events can be a great change of pace for your average office worker. These facilities have plenty of space. Most complexes have catering services you can take advantage of. There’s an added bonus for team building and/or networking by having your attendees take part in the activities the venue promotes.

All of these “outside the box” opportunities can show your guests a great time while still letting them get down to business. Feel free to go wild while looking for venues, Some additional factors to consider: group demographics, Wi-Fi, transportation, seasonal obstacles, and scheduling options. Have fun providing a different experience for your guests.

If you are looking for unique ways to stand out and engage participants at your next trade show, we would love to have a conversation with you.

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