One of the biggest points of frustration for trade show clients is communication, or lack thereof, from their exhibit house. Add to this, the response time is never quick enough and getting a live body, even to make a cameo appearance, seems to be almost nonexistent.

We asked Showcraft’s President, Jeryl Beaulieu, to shed light on an issue that can cripple a project before it even begins. “Many of you may be familiar with the telephone game,” stated Beaulieu. “When played, it oftentimes amplifies how small misinterpretations of what was said, can end up making a huge difference.” Beaulieu went on to say, “What can start with the first person in line telling the next person, 'I want a booth that fits my budget', can end up at the end of line something like this, 'I am not concerned at all about my budget'. Yes, it can be that extreme!”

Communication begins and ends with active listening. Effective communication (open dialogue) prevents barriers from forming within an organization - seeping into those telephone lines and into the clients’ organization itself – derailing progress made on a project.

At Showcraft, we feel a great trade show experience starts with an even better conversation. Open lines of communication, real conversations that happen, often can result in a box-office smash!


• Effective communication begins and ends with ACTIVE listening. What? Repeat after me…I love Showcraft because they create the best booths EVER.

• We are not just robots. Hello….is anyone there? You will get a “live body” when you call Showcraft…and a pretty face, too!

• Daily project meetings with the entire team ensures everyone is on the same page at the same time and minimizes miscues.

Start the Conversation!