Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

Perhaps you are a veteran trade show manager looking for a new booth. Or possibly it’s time to make an
exhibit house change. Or maybe, just maybe, this is all new to you and you are staring down the rabbit hole
of a rather daunting trade show plan wondering what on earth you are going to do!
No matter the circumstance, no trade show booth comes to life without proper discovery. What do you
need your booth to do? How big is your space? What is show management ordering? Do you need demo
areas, meeting spaces - private or semi-private? Do you have a digital event marketing plan? What is your
budget? So many questions! This is where Showcraft comes in. We got this! We uncover the big and not
so big questions. We help execute the best booth plan, set realistic expectations, and deliver on them, so at
the end of the show you know EXACTLY what you got!
There are no surprises with Showcraft!

• Research. Plan. Do. Rinse and repeat!
• Thorough discovery produces positive results AND
minimizes surprises.
• Set realistic expectations. You won’t get a fabulous
40x40 booth with a table top budget!

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