Finding the Silver Lining in a Postponed Trade Show

At first glance, there’s nothing to be gained from a postponed trade show season. You put a lot of time and planning into show preparations and you were counting on the fruits of your lead generation efforts. But it’s not all a loss. At Showcraft, we believe in silver linings and we know that there are a few big gains to be had from this unexpected turn of events.

A postponed trade show means more preparation time.

Getting ready for a trade show while keeping up with daily business operations can put the squeeze on your time and resources. Consequently, you may have cut corners in your trade show prep. Now you have time to put in that extra 10% you wish you had the time to apply earlier this year. Not only will you be ready to hit the ball out of the park but you can also take advantage of early-bird registration and save your company a little money…how’s that for a win?

A postponed trade show can bring your teams together.

It would be a shame to waste a good curveball. Now is the time to set aside any differences, rally your team and reimagine your trade show. With time on your side, what could you do to make an even bigger impact at your next show? Make sure to get everyone in on the discussion. You’ll be surprised at what ideas your team members generate (that you actually have time to implement!) and how this collaboration will unify your team. Do you have hard data on your ROI from past trade shows? Share this information with them. Taking the time to educate your team on the value of your trade show program will fuel their creative juices and enrich your next exhibit.

A postponed trade show gives you the opportunity to refine your processes.

If you collect post-event evaluations, spend time poring through your data. What has worked in the past and what hasn’t? Then take this extra time to tweak your processes and presentation for even more success at your next event, learning from past mistakes and introducing new elements your participants would like to see. If you haven’t been conducting post-event evaluations, now is the time to put this process in place. What data is important to you? How do you want to collect it? Continuing to refine and improve your presentation will help grow your brand image, generate even more leads and improve your ROI

Regardless of how your organization has performed at past trade shows, there’s always room for improvement. Leverage this “COVID pause” to your advantage so that, when in-person events return next season, you’re ready to pack an even bigger punch and reap a greater harvest.

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