3 New Exhibit Trends

Guaranteed to Generate Engagement

Today’s trade show attendees are looking for an experience. They’re in search of something more than free clicky pens and a jar of Tootsie Rolls. They want to get to know your brand and engage with you in a tangible way. Give your attendees what they’re looking for!

Create an interactive experience.

There are umpteen unique ways to do this. One go-to is a selfie wall or booth because, honestly, who doesn’t love a good selfie op? This can be anything from providing a brand prop or mascot to offering a graffiti wall or mirrored backdrop – the more memorable the better. And don’t forget to hashtag this station to increase your brand awareness! You can also be the one behind the camera and text or email the pictures out in exchange for basic contact info. This is an excellent way to collect valuable leads for post-show follow-up! Selfie ops increase foot traffic through your booth and give you ample time to engage in brand-related discussion with your many visitors.

Providing a gaming station is another great way to attract attendees. They’ll love the opportunity to take a load off and chillax while competing against a co-worker or a total stranger! Remember to make the most of every opportunity and ask for basic contact info or answers to some of your most pressing questions in exchange for video game opt-in. Also, while your attendees are waiting for their shot at the game, strike up conversation about your brand. What have they heard about you? Do they use your products? What questions do they have?

Epic Games Fortnite Image: Photo credit: https://nationaleventpros.com/18-brilliant-trade-show-booth-ideas/

Create a nostalgic experience.

Take attendees down memory lane by adding a nostalgic experience to your next booth. Surely, the vast majority of us can admit to a childhood claw machine obsession. Allow booth visitors to relive the thrill while mining for brand merchandise. 

Remember the gum wheel at your elementary school carnival? Why not recreate this as a means of distributing your promotional materials (pens, notepads, USB drives…)? Just remember to include the lucrative “Hubba Bubba” of grand prizes (a sweatshirt, product discount coupon, etc.) that will keep the line forming!

How about the good ol' days when you could actually interact with the person who owned the local pizza parlor, operated the bowling alley or who filled the convenience store shelves with all the neighborhood kids’ favorite treats? Go the extra step and make that personal connection by allowing visitors to shake hands with the person who started your company or who manufactures your products. When you foster that connection, you add a level of humanity that increases trust and drives brand loyalty. 

MTV Cribs Image: "Photo courtesy of MTV 'Cribs' (link this credit here: https://www.bizbash.com/association/media-gallery/13482998/vidcon-2018-26-colorful-ways-brands-targeted-generation-z)

Don’t neglect the data!

In this digital age, we have the increasing ability to capture and leverage data to understand customer behavior, increase engagement and enhance our visitors’ overall experience. Fortunately, meaningful data collection doesn’t have to be complicated. Our new Digital Event Marketing Services helps our clients market their brand before, during and after each trade show. It helps track and measure which shows are the most successful, which ones generate the most leads and which shows are worth attending in the future.

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