Silver linings

We are a few weeks in, and we are not going to lie, it feels like an eternity. But as each day passes, more and more Silver Linings are emerging. You see…we are resilient people. And seeing life through a glass half full rather than half empty is a good thing. It helps us stay present, and yet pushes us to look past today and see a future filled with certainty, hope, love and success.

Showcraft, a custom trade show marketing agency, is filled with passionate, positive and “glass half full” employees and customers. Could we shrink inside ourselves, shut the proverbial door and wish it all away? Sure. We could. But we won’t. It is not who we are. We are all moving forward by uncovering our Silver Linings – discovering our strengths, our passions, and resolve.

Tasked with the “to do” of keeping our clients current on what we are doing as a company through various marketing vehicles such as blogs, social posts, etc., I discovered quickly that my Silver Lining was finding my voice. Not my vocal cords (my co-workers will tell you that has never been an issue). It is bigger than that. I discovered I can carry the message of positivity and hope across various platforms.

Tracey Nehls, our Logistics Manager, sees where everyone is forced to slow down and really evaluate the important things in their lives. Making do with the things that we have and getting creative to stretch our resources out. Tracey just became a grandmother for the first time, and with her daughter living in a different state, she has had to become “okay” with not being there for her daughter during this special time. The health and safety of her daughter and granddaughter are paramount. Tracey’s new motto – “Not to take anything for granted, be your best self every day, live each moment and cherish time.”

For Aaron Reitmeier, our Creative Director, he has found the time to reconnect with his children. The kids love having their Dad to themselves. Mom too! And with a bit of extra time on his hands, Aaron was able to teach his daughter to ride her bike without the training wheels.

Ryan Beaulieu, Showcraft’s Senior Account manager recognizes that his family has gotten a lot closer by spending more “quality” time together with less distractions and obligations. “We’ve introduced the kids to new card games, puzzles and other activities that they probably wouldn’t have been as receptive to otherwise,” Ryan says.

These are Silver Linings that allow us to seize the moment. To realize life’s small blessings that could otherwise pass us by. When life gets back to normal, and it will get back to normal, let’s hold these Silver Linings close to our hearts and vow to never let an opportunity to “seize the moment” escape us again.

Do you have Silver Linings to share? We would love to hear from you!

-Andy Alstad, Showcraft Project Manager

wow felt good to see the positive perspective

Thank you for the email today – “Silver Linings” – wow felt good to see the positive perspective. Our industry is all about the social connection and partnerships. I miss being out seeing my customers and discussing business. I know we will get back at it and I will be grateful!

My silver lining…

I work out most every day, my son is an athlete and works hard at his sport…we know work out almost every day late in the afternoon on a ZOOM class hosted by my personal trainer. She pushes us to be strong and healthy (mind, body and soul) …we high5 after each class and I know this is something I will cherish forever.

All the Best to you and your team at Showcraft.

Strategic Account Manager – North Central
Trade Shows & Events
CORT, A Berkshire Hathaway Company

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