Trade Show Booth Design Trends for 2021: Get the Best ROI and Keep Everyone Safe

If you’re like many of us, you can hardly wait for fourth-quarter trade shows to get underway. Many businesses rely heavily on trade shows for annual lead generation and, while some businesses switched up their format this past year and a half and hosted online events, there’s nothing more authentic and personal than face-to-face gatherings.

As you’re planning out your booth, you’ll want to create an atmosphere where attendees feel comfortable engaging with you and your reps and learning more about your products and services. After all, that’s why they’re there!

Here are some current trends you can incorporate to create a safe and healthy space that promotes your brand and respects your guests:

Create an open-concept booth design

Not only is an open-concept layout visually appealing but it helps avoid congestion and facilitates the flow of traffic. Guests will appreciate the accessibility of your booth and will be more likely to stick around and take in all your booth has to offer while also feeling comfortable in the open space where people are more dispersed.

Design multi-functional spaces

In addition to designing an open-concept booth, create multi-functional spaces within your booth. These spaces will give your team members greater flexibility for product demos and 1-on-1 meetings and will help to accommodate spontaneous conversations between your guests. Plus, these smaller spaces make it easier to avoid one large crowd.

Distribute health-conscious freebies

It’s a big step for a lot of people to reintegrate back into in-person events. Put guests’ minds at ease with giveaways that are both practical and fun. Ideas include branded hand gels and hand gel holders, cell phone wipes and even briefcase-sized countertop sprays.

In addition to current health and safety trends, try out one of these other great trends...

Incorporate natural elements in your booth design

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating biophilic design into your booth’s overall design. Get creative and incorporate hanging flowers or a garden wall, a life-size zen garden or a grass mat in combination with natural accents like bamboo chairs and tables. The possibilities are endless as long as you can tie the biophilic elements back into your brand image or product/service offerings!

Transport your guests

If you want to wow your guests and keep them talking long after the show is over, design a booth that transports your guests to another time in history or another modern-day setting. Even subtle props and lighting can work together to create this memorable experience.

Does your company emphasize old-fashioned values? Why not turn your booth into a 50’s diner? Or maybe you design lighting solutions. Create a Star Wars theme complete with sound-responsive lighting choreographed to the music. And go for the best show giveaway with mini branded lightsabers!

Implement automation

Automate messages to send out to your prospects identifying their needs and highlighting your solutions. Throw in a piece of downloadable content too. Get them excited about your upcoming trade show booth and give them the opportunity to schedule a product demo or one-on-one meeting before your show begins.

Automation will also save you time and help you close more deals after your show with timely and effective follow-up messaging and CTA.

We know you want to finish 2021 strong. If you want to learn how we can help you automate your next trade show, have ideas for your fourth quarter 2021 trade show booth or want to get a jumpstart planning for next year, give us a call to start the conversation!

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