Ways to Prioritize Exhibition Booth Safety at Your 2021 Trade Shows

Ready...set...plan! Trade show season is just around the corner and it’s time to double down on preparations. On this side of COVID-19, attendees will have new expectations and in order to make your event successful, it’s critical to align your strategy accordingly. This includes taking extra precautions to keep your trade show safe for your team members and your visitors. Here are some helpful ideas to get you started!

1. Communicate safety measures as soon as you begin advertising your event.

Many Americans are eager to get back to normal life but are nervous about gathering in large public groups. Communicating about health and safety protocol well in advance will put people’s minds at ease and may tip the scale for people trying to decide whether or not they’re comfortable attending your event.

2. Provide face masks...branded of course!

Exhibitors are always looking for fun giveaways to attract people to their booths and spread the word about their brand. Affordable masks with your company logo would make great souvenirs, generate brand awareness, show attendees you’re going the extra mile to make sure they feel comfortable at your event and help keep you top of mind with attendees in the coming weeks. Of course your team members will want to sport them too! And if you need merchandise, we have you covered.

3. Make hand sanitizer readily available.

It may not be the most aesthetic part of your booth but adding a highly visible and accessible hand sanitizer pump shows your guests that you care about them and want them to have a comfortable and pleasant experience at your booth and at the show. But it goes beyond that. It’s one of many subtle ways you can invest in your brand image. When you attend to even the smallest details of a prospect’s interaction with your brand, you put them at the center of your brand’s messaging. They know they’re important to you.

4. Space out your exhibition booth seating.

When you’re planning your booth design, prioritize a good flow for foot traffic. Avoid creating tight spaces where people might feel claustrophobic. Space out tables and chairs or stools to accommodate social distancing but do so in a way that’s inviting and makes it easy for people to take in your presentation.

5. Offer a hybrid experience.

When you make your trade show content available online, you give people another way to connect with your brand and hear about your products or services. For guests at your event who may be concerned about virus transmission and are hesitant to linger in your booth, provide a link to your virtual show with an easy-to-spot QR code they can scan when they stop by. This is also a great way to pack a bigger punch from your show, allowing you to attract more visitors, create more awareness and generate more leads.

As you prepare for trade show season, Showcraft is here to help you with all the details! Whether it’s an in-person, hybrid or virtual event, we have what you need to make your exhibit a success. Contact us at 800.886.0634.

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