Your Communications Guide for Virtual Events

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are forced to readjust their marketing efforts. For companies that rely on annual trade shows to extend their reach and connect with new prospects, this means hosting virtual events instead. At Showcraft, we pivoted our services in response to this demand and now offer a customizable line of virtual event services. Here are some tips to help you create effective communication surrounding your next event:

Work with trusted local media to showcase your event

Because many companies were hard hit by the pandemic, creating communication that is sensitive to individual needs and challenges is critical. This may mean putting mass email blasts on the back burner since, in light of recent events, they may come across as insensitive. Instead, strive to provide value in the midst of the pandemic and solve for your prospects’ unique challenges. Partner with trusted publications and local news media to spread the word about your upcoming virtual event and address how your business has resources to help address challenges that businesses in your community may be facing. Keep your communication relevant, sensitive and value-focused. Don’t push the hard sell.

Leverage social media

As you might have guessed, people are spending more time on social media now than prior to the COVID outbreak.

According to a recent survey, “29.7 percent of respondents were using social media 1-2 additional hours per day. A further 20.5 percent used social media 30 minutes to 1 hour more than usual per day. Only 1.6 percent of users were adding less than 15 minutes to their [daily] usage.”

This is music to marketers’ ears. Start by putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. Make sure the content you’re creating speaks to their unique needs in light of current industry challenges. Showcase your event in a relevant light. Remember, the audience you’re speaking to today has vastly different challenges and concerns than your same audience in the first quarter of 2020. Customize postings about your event, when possible. Keep your focus on providing value, not driving the hard sell. Do you want more insight into the challenges your social media audiences are facing? Host a Q&A or a Facebook Live or post a link to a survey where you gather more information. This will help you tailor your event marketing accordingly and maintain relevancy across each social channel. It’s also a great way to build a bridge with prospects and increase your trustworthiness and industry authority.

A word of caution: With even more social media attention on your brand during this crazy time, it’s imperative that your event communication is on-point. Just as easily as your messaging can build a bridge, it can also burn a bridge. Do your research, be sensitive and relevant.

Would you like help preparing for your next virtual event? Showcraft has all the tools you need from planning and pre-event communication to post-event follow-up. Learn more about our virtual event offerings by giving us a call at 800.886.0634!

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