Job Opening:

Account Coordinator

  • Level: Entry/Associate
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Reports to: Head of Accounts
  • Salary: $45,000-$60,000 per year
  • Location: Burnsville, MN (Hybrid)

Are You Our Future Account Coordinator?

Showcraft has an immediate opening for an Account Coordinator. We are a social impact company, which means our team measures both financial returns and social impact results, such as environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We are headquartered in Burnsville, Minnesota, and are a hybrid company. Trade shows and live events are all about heart and hustle, so we strive to bring both for our team and clients every day.

Seat Description

As an Account Coordinator, you will be an important member of Showcraft’s Accounts team, building relationships with every one of our existing clients and offering project support to every one of our existing accounts.

At Showcraft, the depth and quality of our client relationships is a critical part of the value we bring to each account and project. We are looking for a creative and driven entry- to associate- level Account Coordinator whose core responsibility will be knowing, and communicating clearly with, clients in order to earn their exhibit and event business year after year. Our ideal candidate will have a passion for creating value through impact relationships and a drive to provide exceptional service.

Applicants should also be comfortable working with project managers, exhibit designers, production specialists, and other cross-functional operational teams. If this sounds like you, apply today and help us build meaningful, long-lasting relationships that move our business forward!

Unique Abilities

  • Charisma: People love being around you and you love being around people.
  • Relationships first: You have good boundaries, healthy communication style, history of impacting results through relationships, empathy, and transparency.
  • Motivated by achievement ($, #): Nothing feels better than hitting goals, nothing feels worse than missing goals!
  • Data driven ($, #): You love graphics, numbers, metrics, ratios, scores, percentages,
  • Independent thinking, resourcefulness, you know how to find out how to do what you don't know how to do
  • Open to coaching: You have a growth mindset, you want to be better tomorrow than you were today and you’ll listen to anybody and everybody who has ideas about how you can do that!
  • History of resilient responses to failure and challenges: You’ve missed numbers, failed to succeed, and faced adversity, but you know how to get back up again, you know how to respond well to getting knocked down, you see failure as opportunity, instinct is to hold oneself accountable rather than look to others (mirror/window)
  • Experience with sales functions: You know how to persuade others!
  • Exemplifies courage, has experiences with “crucial conversations”: You aren’t afraid to have hard conversations, you don’t run from conflict, you are always eager to find ways forward, even if it’s awkward at first.
  • Loves working cross functionally: You play well with others, like creative problem solving, believe collaborative ideas are always better than your own.

Objectives of this Role

  • Retention: Developing a thorough understanding of Showcraft products and service offerings to identify growth/cross-selling opportunities and expand existing client business
  • Referrability: Embodying client service that the world-changing companies we serve can’t help but to share

Key Responsibilities

  • Client-facing:
  • Leading quarterly touchpoint campaigns by phone and in personal and marketing emails
  • Traveling to support project teams and clients on the floor at events
  • Overseeing client Net Promoter Score (NPS) feedback campaigns
  • Internal:
  • Keeping client data streamlined and current in Showcraft’s CRM
  • Partnering with Head of Accounts to review and support quarterly retention-based revenue goals
  • Estimating prices (calculating margin) for projects and crafting client-facing proposals
  • Framing project expectations with project managers and designers to ensure that projects in production meet show rules and regulations, client expectations, and brand vision
  • Researching and sharing current events, statistics, differentiators, industry trends and competitors pertinent to the success of Showcraft clients

Performing other duties as assigned.

Showcraft is proud to offer competitive benefits such as unlimited PTO, generous technology stipends, emergency saving accounts, health and dental insurance, 401(k) matching, and cell phone reimbursement.

To Apply

If you're interested, please email your resume with the subject line "Account Coordinator" to As of 1/24, 2023, we are currently scheduling interviews and look forward to hearing from you.